BMXブランド"ARESBIKES"より2011年に『FOLK』というラインを発表したのが始まり。2013年からはブランド"FOLK by ARESBIKES"としてスタートする。

そこに"ARESBIKES"の経験から継承したBMXのエッセンスを加える物作りをテーマとし、"FOLK by ARESBIKES"は存在します。



それがFOLK by ARESBIKESの目指すデザインであり、コンセプトでもあります。

In 2011, it began with the introduction of the "FOLK" line from the BMX brand "ARESBIKES". In 2013, we start with a new brand "FOLK by ARESBIKES".
We introduce a bike, that not only has the features of the BMX, but also blends numerous features of many other styles, creating a new unique Urban Bike. "FOLK by ARESBIKES" also inherits the essence of the BMX from "ARESBIKES".
The enjoyment of cruising through the busy streets of the city. Cruising through the empty streets like it's yours.
Find a new you.
A new time, friends, people, fashion ....
Introducing not just a transportation device, but a lifestyle.
This is the design and the concept FOLK by ARESBIKES aims for.